Ramayana Ballet is full of colorful costumes showcasing various battles, dramatic confrontations, and perfectly choreographed dancing.

The Ramayana Ballet Open Air Theater sits in shadows of the Prambanan Temple and is home to the epic theatrical saga of Rama and Shinta. The performance is produced by 200+ dancers in vibrant traditional Javanese costumes showcasing various battles, dramatic confrontations, and perfectly choreographed dancing and acrobatic routines.

This two-hour story combines dance and drama set to the traditional Javanese gamelan – a musical instrument you’ll always remember. The entire performance is dialogue-free and perfect for visitors who may not understand Bahasa, the predominant language in Indonesia.

Tickets to the Ramayana Ballet range in price and class, very similar to most other live shows. Tickets have four distinct seating classes; prices range from IDR 150,000 for the cheapest seats to IDR 450,000 for VIP seating (highly recommended).

Packages are available for the performance with roundtrip transportation from local Yogyakarta area hotels.

Ramayana Ballet Uncensored

The open air theatre layout is perfect in every way; there is no such thing as a bad seat. The stadium-style seating is a horseshoe shape around the stage ensures that you get a great view, no matter where you sit. The backdrop of the set is centered with the Prambanan Temple illuminated behind the dancers. The theatrical lighting makes, and ambiance of the area makes this performance one I would highly recommend.

Weather plays a significant part in the show’s performance. During the dry season (May to October), the show is split into episodic productions that occur over four consecutive nights under the full moon. If you’re looking to get the whole Ramayana Ballet performance in one sitting, look for the full story performance schedule.

Book your tickets early, as this fantastic show is very popular with tourists and locals.

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