Embark on a mesmerizing canal tour of Amsterdam to uncover the hidden gems and iconic landmarks of the city's stunning waterways!

Embarking on a Canal Tour of Amsterdam is a unique way to take in the history of a fantastic city without dealing with cars, buses, and bikes.

The riverboats are centrally located just outside of the Amsterdam Centraal train station; you’ll see no less than a dozen different riverboat tours ranging in price, duration and routes. Each of the tours has a guide who explains the different areas of Amsterdam, points of interest, and history of the city and country.

Tour prices are between €10 – 35 (USD 11-40) depending on the route and duration chosen. Trip times vary dramatically (20 mins up to hours)

Canal Tour of Amsterdam Uncensored

If you’re coming off an international flight, with a 5+ hr layover a AMS, taking the train or a ride share into the city is a great way to shake off the jet lag and see this fantastic city!

I found the canal tour of amsterdam pretty cool, with lots of opportunities to snap some decent pictures of the city. It’s a touristy thing to do but a great way to see the city from a unique point of view.

On my subsequent trips back to Amsterdam, I was able to explore the city on foot – it’s a lot better, but you have to deal with traffic.

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