Bali's most popular volcano destination

Mount Batur is another active stratovolcano in Bali, Indonesia. Twenty-four thousand years ago, the volcano collapsed and created the two concentric calderas and formed a massive depression that is now known as Lake Batur. The 15km elongated Lake Batur sits 1,031m above sea level and has an impressive deepest point of 88m.

Towns and villages dot the volcanic landscape around the calderas and lake that have become increasingly busy with volcano tourism and people exploring the breathtaking scenery on this island paradise.

The summit of Batur rises 700m above the Lake Batur and has been relatively calm; the last major event was in 1968, which covered a significant portion of the southern side of the upper caldera with ash and lava, stopping just short of population centers. The history of this volcano typically produces moderate explosive eruptions every few years that are sometimes accompanied by basaltic lava flows; the last eruption was in 1999-2000.

Mount Batur Uncensored

If you’re up for exploring Batur and the surrounding area, it’s a solid 2-hour drive from Denpasar deep into the northern mountains. Batur is known for their sunrise trekking, hiking the lava fields and amazing local Indonesian culture.

I’m not a fan of waking up early while on vacation, so sunrise trekking didn’t happen this trip.

The farming villages in the caldera aren’t generally tourist destinations; however, many people were exploring during a random weekday. Local villagers were peddling their wares and selling anything and everything they could to the hundreds of visitors.

As I’ve written about in other posts about Indonesia, the locals are the nicest, welcoming people who live a modest life full of culture that you should explore.

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Mount Batur through the viewfinder

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