Water Blow has spectacular views of the deep blue waters of the Bali Sea. Grab your camera and snap amazing pictures of the power of the ocean.

Waterblow is an unusual yet picturesque destination that makes a great Instagram backdrop in Bali, Indonesia.

Located near Nusa Dua beach on Bali’s Southern side of Denpasar island, Water blow is at the end of the Peninsula Island (again, another Gold medal goes to Marketing for that name, too). The attraction is home to spectacular panoramic views of Bali and the deep blue waters of the Bali Sea. The Water Blow is a natural formation of corals that were thrust above sea level (10-20m in many places) many thousands of years ago. A deep crevasse in the above-water corals descends into the ocean that creates a V-shaped channel; Waves continually crash into this channel, forcefully shooting water upwards in a spectacular fashion.

Water Blow Uncensored

There are two essential things to know to maximize the badassery of your visit:

Avoid going in the early mornings – Early mornings are typically calm with relatively light wind. Why is this important? Wind generates waves. Temperature and pressure differences create wind; While these differences happen 24 hours a day, the intense heat of a sunny day helps create massive swells and impressively large water eruptions.

Water blow is a popular touristy spot where photography is allowed, pre-wedding photography is also allowed, but needs special arrangements from the park. Paths are marked, and signs posted warning the would-be idiots of the danger.

Overall this destination is a great place to snap some jealousy-inspiring pictures while you’re in the Nusa Dua area of Bali.

Frequently Asked Questions

Water Blow through the viewfinder

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