National Cherry Blossom Festival

Say goodbye to winter with the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC

Every year the Cherry Blossom festival in DC signals the official thawing from winter. The leafless trees around the city wake from their slumber to blossom into vibrant pink and white buds before turning into normal-looking trees (again).

What better way to signify that the shitty cold has gone for good than to watch thousands of Cherry Blossom trees spring to life in mid/late March with the skyline of America’s capital in the background of your Instagram pictures.

The ceremonial National Cherry Blossom Festival happens in early’ish April, usually near the peak of color. Visitors can walk the national mall and tidal basin to bask in the beauty of countless trees.

National Cherry Blossom Festival Uncensored

The event (like all in DC) is free to the public. You’ll likely pay a premium for parking and street food comes with a hefty price (yay capitalism!). It’s strongly recommended to take the DC Metro into the city as parking in Washington D.C. is scarce and if you manage to find parking, it will be expensive.

During the festival weekend, there are lots of family-friendly activities, music, and homeless people begging the large crowds of onlookers for money.

Overall, the festival is a great way for the locals to shake off winter; however, fighting with the crowds of people is tiresome. Visitors to the area can get some fantastic pictures if you can manage to keep people out of the frame.

Through the viewfinder

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