Morther nature is just showing off

Natural Bridges, as it’s known, is a stunning backdrop of some earth’s raw beauty in Brookings, Oregon. Easily reachable from highway 101, it’s a short walk to the observation platform, overlooking the area from hundreds of feet above sea level.

Dozens of rock formations dot the chilly pacific ocean with the continuous wave-action crashing into the towering islands and peninsulas eroding and creating passageways or natural bridges.

Located just a few miles north of Brookings, Oregon, and relatively unknown, this destination is one you must visit. Parking is available on the west side of the 101, with spots for (maybe) 10 cars.

Natural Bridges Uncensored

There are only two ways to describe the Natural Bridges, WOW! and HOLY SHIT!

The wow-factor is strong in this destination. During my visit, there were relatively few people visiting. Most were there is either snapping pics or getting their hike on. This place is truly a beautiful, serene destination; One that you can relax at and take in fresh air without crowds of people. 

The holy-shit-factor comes quite quickly as you begin your hiking journey through the numerous trails along the cliffs and mountainside. Expect poorly marked paths, crazy shenanigans jumping over and going under logs, rocks, and using some ropes to assist in your journey.

As with any destination, the risk yields some amazing rewards with stunning photo opportunities and vantage points that few have walked on before. 

Oregon isn’t known for its great weather. I’d strongly recommend planning to visit on a clear, sunny day – you’ll thank me. Avoid natural bridges on rainy days or directly after rain; the slippery topsoil will make unpaved hikes extremely dangerous. Additionally, make sure you leave enough time to hike back before sunset to see the paths. 


This should go without saying, but safety should be your primary concern – one wrong step and severe injury (or worse) is probable at Natural Bridges, Oregon.

Natural Bridges through the viewfinder

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