Red Light District

For a mere EUR 50, you can have your pick of beautiful women in Amsterdam's Red Light District. Its like a buffet of sexy women!

Just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam’s city center is one of the more taboo destinations that attract tourists by the tens of thousands – Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

It’s not an amusement park and not a family-friendly destination, but that doesn’t stop countless numbers of daily tourists who are naturally curious enough to stroll down the cobblestone streets enjoying the ‘scenery’.

Red Light District Uncensored

I haven’t slept with a prostitute; however, for a mere EUR 50, you can. Locals and tourists can legally have sex with a variety of women of all shapes and sizes in tiny lingerie on display, like clothes in the window of a department store.

I spent time in the Red Light District covertly people watching and documenting the interactions between tourists and people browsing for some ‘fun.’

The reality is that the overwhelming majority of people were only there to experience this taboo destination. People looking for fun made eye contact with their chosen-prostitute; she’d open the door and discuss terms – If both parties accept, inside you go.

The basic economics of supply and demand infer that there’s quite a lot of business happening in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Windows with blue lights signify a person who wasn’t born of that gender (I Googled it)!

Photography is prohibited, especially of occupied windows. There are many stories of tourists having their cameras confiscated or tossed in the canals. Police have also been known to ticket or yell at stupid tourists who take pictures.

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