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Downtown Atlanta Skyline from jackson street bridge

Downtown Atlanta

Most travelers usually only see the inside of the ATL airport. Frequent fliers [especially] have a love/hate relationship with the airport because of the sheer volume of people and overpriced food. In reality,  Atlanta is actually pretty awesome!  There are LOTS of thing to do and cool places to visit if you have a few hours or days. [FULL DISCLOURE] I have …

Baby elephants being bottle fed at elephant orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya

Elephant Orphanage

Just outside of the Nairobi National Park is David Sheldrick’s Elephant Orphanage.  This popular tourist attraction is home to dozens of baby and adolescent elephants who were orphaned and can no longer survive on their own.  The sad reality is that without this sanctuary, these elephants most likely would have died. It’s heart breaking to see so many young elephants …

Downtown Banff in the winter


Banff is nestled in the northern Rocky Mountains of Alberta, a ski town which is probably pretty intense during peak ski season.  I found myself out there in ass-end of Winter with my best friend who is originally from Alberta (I don’t hold it against her).  We decided meet up with friends and to head into Banff for dinner and a …

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Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Touring Chernobyl a generation later

In the early morning hours of April 26th 1986 disaster struck the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (ChNPP).  Official accounts are subjective but it has been widely reported that a scheduled test of the reactor led to a catastrophic failure and explosion that blew the roof off of reactor 4.  The explosion ejected parts of the burning nuclear core into the …


Delta eGate Boarding

Efficiency and on time performance is at the heart of Delta Airlines and it’s one of the main reasons I continue to fly with them. While passing through the ATL airport, I was fortunate enough try Delta’s new eGate Boarding.  eGates aren’t new to the airline industry – they’re frequently used in the European Union. Delta is piloting the eGate …

Calculating MQDs using the FlyDelta App

How to calculate MQDs from the flight receipt

Delta Airlines was the first of many US air carriers to add a revenue requirement on top of distance flown to earn (and maintain) elite status. Delta’s elite tiers are Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond – each has varying benefits and earning requirements.  For frequent fliers, the difference between each elite tier is massive and can mean the difference between a …

Delta Airlines B737

Delta Airlines Fare Classes

Why are fare classes and cabins important? For the in-frequent flier, fare classes mean nothing.  For the frequent fliers and people looking to maximize their elite status, fare classes mean everything. Below is human readable explanation of each fare class and cabin on Delta Airlines domestic and international flights. Basic Economy Class   Economy Class   Comfort+ Class   First …


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