Delta Fare Class OD

Delta Fare class OD is an award fare/booking class of service that is marketed as Discount First Class / Delta One on Delta Air Lines. The fare class is considered a discounted First Class / Delta One.

Below is a human-readable explanation of this fare class and the expectations passengers should have when flying with a OD fare class.

Fare Class OD Information

Important information about Fare Class OD on Delta Air Lines.


Delta Air Lines (Mainline or codeshare flight)








Discounted Business Award


First Class / Delta One

How expensive is Fare Class OD?

How to book Fare Class OD

Information about booking Fare Class OD on Delta Air Lines.

Fare Class OD is a mid-tier award fare class in the cabin. If you’re looking for flights and see Fare Class OD showing as the lowest fare class available, it means the cabin for the flight/route you are booking is likely half-full on one or more segments of the itinerary.

Tickets purchased in Fare Class OD will not be cheap. To book a cheaper fare class, make the following changes (if you can):

  • Adjust your departure/return dates
  • Search for alternate airports or co-terminals
  • Search for alternate routing

If you are a frequent flyer with additional insight or are with Delta seeking to clarify the information provided, please contact me.

SkyMiles earnings with Fare Class OD

What you’ll earn in the SkyMiles program flying with Fare Class OD

2024 is the start a whole new experience with the SkyMiles program. The core of how SkyMiles members earning status has drastically changed, so please bookmark this site and check back frequently.

How to get upgraded with Fare Class OD

A comprehensive guide to upgrading with Fare Class OD on Delta Air Lines.

Complimentary upgrades on Delta Air Lines

Upgrading to Premium Cabins (Delta Premium Select / Delta One)

  • There are no cabins of service higher than Delta One.

Official upgrade rules found on

Mileage Upgrade Awards (MUA) changes (as of 08/22/2023)

  • It is unlikely to see buy up offers or MUAs because the ticketed fare class is the highest cabin of service available, but Delta's IT has been know to do shady, illogical things like sell you a buy-up to a refundable fare in the same cabin.

Official mileage upgrade awards rules found on

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