Delta One Cabin

Delta One is the premier cabin of service on Delta Air Lines and is marketed as a luxury experience for long-haul international and select long-haul domestic routes.

Amenities include lie flat seats, larger in-flight entertainment screens, noise cancelling headphones, power ports at each seat, and dedicated cabin attendants.

Delta One Booking considerations

The Delta One cabin varies dramatically in price between aircraft. Even though all the entire product offering does have lie-flat seats, passengers on older or unretofitted aircraft will have a significantly diminished luxury experience while paying a premium price.

Delta One Suites are the flagship product and are (typically) priced >$6k transatlantic, and as high as $20k transpacific. The legacy or unretrofitted aircraft pricing can be found ~$3k on routes between the USA and Europe/South America.

At the airport

In the air

Amenity kits
Plated meals, snacks
Complimentary drinks and alcohol

Upgrading to Delta One

Frequent Flyer Earnings

Delta Medallion members earn at an increased rate flying in the premium cabins with Delta Air Lines. To understand your earnings, you’ll need to find your ticketed (paid) fare class below.

Delta Fare Class J

Delta Fare Class C

Delta Fare Class D

Delta Fare Class I

Delta Fare Class Z

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