Delta Fare Class OK

A comprehensive explanation of Delta fare class OK including SkyMiles medallion earnings and upgrade eligibility information.

What is Delta Fare Class OK?

Delta Fare Class OK is a fare class used for cleared upgrade space using a RUC or GUC that is marketed as First Class or Delta One on Delta Air Lines.

Below is a human-readable description of this fare class and the expectations passengers should have when flying with a OK fare class.

Information about Delta Air Lines Fare Class OK

Fare Class OK booking information

Important information about Fare Class OK on Delta Air Lines.

  • Operated by: Delta Air Lines (Mainline or codeshare flight)
  • Marketed as: First Class / Delta One
  • Cabin of service: First Class / Delta One
  • Ticket type: Cleared Upgrade Space
  • Ticket stock: 006
  • Flight number begins with: DLxxxx

Fare Class OK is marketed as cleared upgrade space supported by the use of a GUC or RUC for First Class or Delta One. Typically, fare Class OK redemption fare class can be found with significant advanced booking.

  • Searching for Fare Class OV is impossible through and they have deprecated the advanced search feature which used to allow passengers to search by Fare Class. When logged in to your SkyMiles account and searching for flights, notes saying “Upgrade available with RUC/GUC” is your only indication that RV/OV/OK fare classes may be available on at least one flight.
  • It is advised to call into reservations and get a knowledgeable ticketing agent to search your destination for Fare Class OV availability. Unfortunately, getting a knowledgeable ticket agent is very hard post-COVID as the newer agents have not been trained on DL Term or any other system than their point-and-click reservations system. You will have to hang up and call again (HUCA).
  • Many frequent flyers are reporting that shows Regional or Global Upgrade Space availability; however, not for the entire route.
SkyMiles earnings on Delta Air Lines Fare Class OK

SkyMiles frequent flyer earnings

Explore what you'll earn as a SkyMiles member flying on Delta Air Lines with a ticket in Fare Class OK.

  • Medallion Bonus:
  • Minimum MQMs earned:

SkyMiles medallion members will not earn any MQM, MQS, MQD and SkyMiles when flying on a Basic Economy (Fare Class OV) ticket. MQM, MQS, MQD and SkyMiles earnings will be based on the originally purchased fare class and do not earn class/cabin of service bonuses.

Delta Air Lines Fare Class OK

SkyMiles upgrades with Fare Class OK ticket

Important upgrade eligibility and upgrade order information with a Fare Class OK ticket on Delta Air Lines.

  • Loyalty program linked to PNR: SkyMiles
  • Complimentary upgrade eligible:

Complimentary upgrades

When booked in Fare class OK and confirmed into Delta Premium Select, you should be waitlisted for day-of-departure upgrades to Delta One per the official rules.

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