How to get the Delta Porsche Transfer

The only two ways you can score the Delta Porsche transfer at select airports.

No matter how often you travel, pulling into the gate and seeing a Delta-branded Porsche waiting to whisk you away to your next flight is bad ass. The Delta Porsche transfer, or “Unicorns” as many frequent flyers call it has been see in ATL, JFK, LGA, LAX, DTW, MSP, SFO, SEA, SLC (Basically, Delta’s highest revenue airports and hubs).

Many frequent flyers and average passengers wonder how one obtains this badassery – there are only two way to get it, and surprisingly, it’s available to anyone!

Delta Porsche transfer as Surprise and delight

Delta Medallion members are eligible to be picked up by plane-side as a surprise and delight moment. It’s unannounced and no one (including reservations, the flight crew and the ground crew) knows about it until it happens. While the “surprise and delight” program is not publicly documented, it is typically reserved for Delta 360 and Diamond elite members; however, I have heard stories of Platinum elite members receiving the unicorn treatment too.

As soon as you get off the plane, a Delta elite services representative will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it. They escort you out of the door on the jetway to the tarmac below, having never set foot in the airport terminal – super elite-rockstar-like treatment.

Occasionally, they’ll pick up multiple Medallion members from one flight and shuttle them to their gates as a surprise to say thank you for flying with Delta.

I can’t stress this enough, the surprise and delight program is completely random and there is no way (that i’ve found) to influence Delta to pick you over someone else, even on super tight connections – my thinking is that the great Delta computer does this at random.

Delta VIP select

Here’s the fun part, if you have disposable income and want to be treated like an actual rockstar, Delta has a VIP select service which arranges transfers between flights at ATL, JFK, LGA, LAX, DTW, MSP, SFO, SEA, SLC. The Delta VIP select service is a paid service and can only be reserved by calling 1-855-235-9847.

There are some interesting rules and information about the Delta VIP Select service:

  • All VIP Select reservations are recommended to book >24-hours in advance, and no less than 6-hours prior to first meet – NO EXCEPTIONS (Sorry frequent flyers, you can’t use this for tight connections unless you book 6 hours in advance).
  • The only way to book VIP Select is by calling the toll-free number, reservations cannot assist, neither can any online messaging platforms.
  • Per their terms and conditions, they do not guarantee a Porsche transfer. You could be escorted inside the terminal via Delta agent(s) on a golf cart; however, the few times I have used this has always been a Porsche transfer.
  • Reservations are first-come-first-serve and subject to availability.

Typically, Delta VIP Select is used for – wait for it – VIP’s. I’ve personally sat next to the rapper T.I. and watched his entourage get the VIP-treatment.

The difference between surprise and delight vs VIP select

Surprise and delight experience

  • Typically used for high value customers to their next flight or Sky Club (Active Sky Club Membership required).
  • You may be shuttled with other high value customers from your inbound flight.
  • Agent will usually offer to snap pictures for passengers to remember the awesome experience.

VIP Select experience

  • Dedicated service for your party only.
  • Dedicated agents handling flight following and rerouting as needed to ensure a seamless experience.
  • VIP Select agent will meet at the boarding door and accompany passengers from plane to a private Sky Club entrance. No membership or elite status required to enter the Sky Club.
  • VIP Select agent will accompany passengers from Sky Club to onward flight.

Have you had a Delta Air Lines Porsche transfer?

  1. Jay Whitt says:

    No, I have not had the Porsche experience but would love too especially when I book our honeymoon with my wife next year.

  2. Nelson Wells says:

    Funny. Same as the previous reply I have not yet had the VIP connection but fly only Delta and hope my fiancé and I can do so if I can surprise her with it for our wedding.

  3. My family and I just had this experience last night at SEA!!! It was the surprise and delight as I didn’t pay or request this. What an amazing experience! We were so surprised, we didn’t think of taking a photo or video. If we’re lucky enough to experience this in the future, we will make sure we have evidence 🙂

  4. Erin Feeney says:

    Yes- I had this experience once at JFK a few years ago and was blown away by it!!! As I did in RSW at this moment getting ready to fly to JFK to connect to BOS, I’m crossing my fingers to receive this special service again!!!

  5. James Parsley says:

    I was lucky enough to get the treatment. Timing was perfect as my flight was delayed and I was going to miss my connection. Best of all they also made sure my checked bag made the flight.

  6. John Starling says:

    I must be lucky I’ve had the surprise ride twice once they just met me and took me to the club The otHer, I was real close on a connection and they met me and got me to the plane with a minute to spare before they closed the door. Was an absolute blast both times

  7. M.Bird says:

    My husband and I were surprised and delighted on our honeymoon last spring (as lowly Gold & Silver Medallion Members) and I have yet to stop talking about it. Truly, my friends are definitely sick of me by now.

    We were driven to our connecting flight at JFK by a lovely lady named Marissa. On the plane, we were met with a large gift basket and some hand-written cards from the crew, captain, and F/Os. We were invited to the cockpit to chat while everyone boarded – and then we got a nice little shout out in the captain’s pre-flight announcement! We booked Delta One for optimal rest, but I hardly slept from my excitement. On our returning flight connection (ATL), we were surprised with another Porsche ride! An awesome dude named Richard met us on the jet bridge and drove us to an elevator that led directly into the SkyClub. We exclusively fly Delta for their (very distinctly superior) customer service but that kind of treatment, having never come close to Diamond Medallion status, was simply incredible.

    Long story long, I’ve since been on a mission to give my parents a similar experience for their anniversary trip – and because of this article, I was able to book one for them. Thank you for sharing!!

  8. Michael says:

    I started booking Delta VIP Select in 2016 and have used the Porsche service both inbound and outbound at LGA, JFK, ATL and most frequently at LAX, every time I have traveled Delta since then. There is simply nothing like it and it as close as any commercial air travel experience will ever come to private.

    Inbound, the agent is waiting on the jet bridge. They take you right out the door, down the stairs to the running vehicle waiting on the tarmac. They make sure you are comfortable, then they go over to the plane ground crew and retrieve your checked baggage – which they have tracked and confirmed is on board – (and they always come off the plane first). Once you and your bags are secured they drive you on the tarmac across the field to an exit, where they meet your personally arranged driver at a pre arranged offsite private location. In my experience the longest elapsed time from parking at the gate to being on the freeway with my driver has been a total of perhaps 15 minutes max, never having set foot in any terminal.

    Outbound is slightly more involved, as you must clear TSA – however, the greeter, who has been communicating with your driver en route, meets you curbside, printed boarding pass and checked bag tags in hand. Once the bags are tagged and checked they take you out of the car, through a separate VIP entry and lounge area, then past all lines and right through TSA. From there, through a behind the scenes route, either briefly to a VIP are in the SkyClub or directly to the car, and then in the car to the tarmac at the bottom of the jet bridge stairs for your plane. You may elect to board first (before regular pre boarding), or wait in the car and board last, just before they close the door. In my case I always choose last. My greeter takes my carry on aboard and places it in the overhead ahead of boarding; the crew calls the greeter when it is time to board – I jump out of the car, up the stairs and onto the plane; they close the door and we push back.

    Dollar for dollar it is without question the best travel value I have ever found. It virtually eliminates all of the most stressful aspects of commercial air travel today. It will seem a real luxury you’ve allowed yourself at first – but will quickly become a necessity!

    Thank You to the Entire Delta VIP Select Team!

    • Jakeila Smith says:

      Thank you for this comment. I am now booking just for the great experience you mentioned. I don’t even want to know the price. Just swipe the card. Lol

    • So glad to see such detail regarding this service. I’m going to book it for an outbound from LAX. Do they take you to the club and then to the plane?

      • Yes, using departure service, they will arrange a meeting time and a Delta agent will escort you through security ahead of any lines.

        Once security has been cleared they’ll take you to a SkyClub where you can relax until your flight.

        Depending how far your gate is and availability, they may take you to the gate via Porsche or just escort you inside the terminal.

        It is hit or miss on the Porsche for departure – it has a lot to do with the airport (ie: how easy is it to get to a Porsche) and car availability.

  9. Lauren Barth says:

    I received the “Surprise pick up “ when I had a tight connection through Atlanta to Belize. An agent was waiting for me as I de planed in Atlanta and escorted me down the jetway stairs to the Porsche and drove me to my next flight. It was such a treat. I thought maybe I was getting invited to become a 360 member (I am already a Delta Diamond Medallion )
    I am always loyal
    To Delta ! Have always had great experiences and top notch customer service ! I did not know you could book this service until today and I will definitely take advantage of it. Avoiding the “plane train “ in Atl is def the way to go !!!

  10. Kyra Parkhurst says:

    As a Diamond status member, have yet to receive this, but sure would be great. Love Delta One suites from SLC to Europe, please add more cities!!!
    Departing for London in September…keep up the good work Delta, you are rocking it.

  11. Greg Howard says:

    I have been a Diamond member and Million Miler for several years. I have had the “surprise and delight” treatment several times during tight connections at ATL, DTW, MSP and LGA. My favorite experience was New Years Eve 2019. My wife and I arrived at ATL late morning with a three-hour layover. We were taken by Porsche to the Delta Sky Club near our gate. That was my wife’s only time riding in a Porsche and she still talks about it fondly. I was confused because I thought the Porsche service was just for tight connections, but our driver explained that many of the rides are simply to show Delta’s appreciation. Thank you Delta!

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