Delta MQD Calculator for Partner Earnings

The Delta MQD calculator for partner earnings (distance flown) was developed to address and combat the devaluations to the SkyMiles program by leveraging SkyTeam partner airlines. This method of earning is not well known, but is a strategic option to meet the increased fucking insane MQD spend requirements for 2025 and beyond.

The Delta MQD Calculator give you approximate insights on the following information:

  • Mainline/codeshare vs partner earnings comparission
  • MQD calculator for earnings on distance flown
  • Million Miler distance flown
  • SkyMiles (RDM) earnings

About the Delta Partner Earnings Calculator

Earning frequent flyer status based on Distance Flown is easy with a little knowledge about the flights.

We collect and use certain, non-personally identifiable information about your trip to calculate the MQD and SkyMiles earnings when flying on a partner airline. There are some important pitfalls to avoid when booking on a partner airlines to ensure that your frequent flyer earnings are credited your SkyMiles account.

Routing and Carrier Information

We use the full routing for your itinerary, along with the operating airline to calculate SkyMiles earning.

Fare Class & Cabin purchased

We use this information to determine the specific earnings for your trip.

Advertised price / Price paid

We use the advertised price / price paid to calculate the MQD earnings vs the price paid.

Trip Dates

We use the trip dates to help other travels leverage the badass deal you found.

MQD Calculator earnings for SkyTeam partners

See your SkyMiles earnings flying on SkyTeam Partner airlines.

Delta Mainline and Codeshare Flights

With the “simplification” to the SkyMiles program, earnings on Delta mainline and codeshare (006 ticket + DLxxxx flight numbers) are solely based by how much you paid. The MQD calculator below does not calculate individual mainline/codeshare route earnings because taxes vary widely between destinations. Read this article on how to calculate your MQD earnings from the flight receipt.

Delta MQD Calculator

Outbound Itinerary

Please enter your outbound (departure) information for your trip. We use this information to calculate MQD and SkyMiles earnings on mainline, codeshare and partner airlines.

Return Itinerary

Please enter your return information for your trip. We use this information to calculate MQD and SkyMiles earnings on mainline, codeshare and partner airlines.

Operating Airline
Fare Class Purchased

Ticket Price

Please enter the price paid or price advertised for the route. We use this information to calculate the cost per MQD and other SkyMiles earnings.

Trip Information

Please enter the departure and return dates for your trip. While this information is optional, it is highly recommended to share so we help other passengers earn more MQD and SkyMiles.

Delta’s official partners page lists all accrual rates associated with SkyTeam Delta’s core and world wide partners. Delta is the final authority for all distance calculations and SkyMiles earnings. The Delta Partner Earnings calculator is >99% accurate for estimating distance flown, which should be used as a guide of what you’ll earn.

See what MQD-heavy routes others have found

Frequent flyers around the world use this calculator to find bad ass deals on partner flights. See what deals they’ve found.

Results listed are 100% crowdsourced and may not be accurate. I try to validate and remove inaccurate calculations as they are submitted. Feel free to reach out to me with comments/questions/suggestions.

Airline pricing is notoriously volatile and subject to change at any time for any reason. Expect this deal to not to last long after publishing. Don’t be THAT asshole and email me because you can’t find the same deal someone found.

Lowest Price per MQD routes

Airline Outbound Route Return Route Date Booked Price per MQD Out of pocket
Delta Air Lines(DL) ATL-IAH IAH-ATL 4/5/2024 0.0¢ $0
Air France(AF) MUN-CDG 4/2/2024 5.5¢ $923
Korean Air(KE) DFW-ICN-SIN SIN-ICN-DFW 3/29/2024 17.2¢ $5,825
LATAM Airlines(LA) SCL-IPC IPC-SCL 4/7/2024 18.8¢ $1,168
Air France(AF) ORD-BOM BOM-ORD 4/6/2024 21.1¢ $9,665

Latest MQD calculator results

guid Airline Outbound Route Return Route Date Booked Price per MQD Out of pocket

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