London City Center

London City Center is home to the United Kingdom's most iconic landmarks that make great Instagram backgrounds.

London is one of the most popular places to visit and do touristy things. Below is a list of some the most famous landmarks in London’s City Center.

London Bridge
Ok, get that stupid nursery rhyme out of your head. It’s a typical bridge just doing normal bridge things, but it makes a great platform to snap pictures of the Tower Bridge (which most tourists think is the London Bridge).

Big Ben
The iconic clock is unfortunately shrouded in scaffolding until 2021 for renovations, so you’re out of luck snapping any good pics (sorry).

Buckingham Palace
It’s nothing impressive, just lots of crowds of people and goofy looking guards which change a few times a day.

London City Center Uncensored

Spring is a popular time in the United Kingdom. Temperatures are less-shitty, flowers are blooming, and usually quite a few flights deals. Be prepared for tons of people in a reasonably small area trying to get that viral selfie.

In general London’s city center is not spacious, neither are their accommodations. Everything is cramped; small spaces barely tolerable to an average human. I didn’t stay in a low-end hotel, but was quite surprised at the lack of space in the room, especially for being a 6′ guy.

The city is walkable, and if you stay in a central London hotel, you can see all these typical tourist attractions on foot, or via the tube.

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