One of the most recognizable landmarks in greater London - but it's not the bridge that you think!

Tower Bridge is London’s iconic landmark that most people instantly associate to the United Kingdom. Connecting Tower Hamlets to Southwark, this steel beast was completed in 1894 and stands just over 65m above the shitty brown waters of the River Thames.


Stop singing that damn London Bridge nursery rhyme. Tower Bridge is not the same thing as the London Bridge. The London Bridge is 1km upstream.

Tower Bridge Uncensored

Visiting the bridge is something reasonably neat to see; by no means is it a must-see destination, but if you’re in the area, make your Instagram friends jealous with some great pictures.

There are three ways to see it (almost all are legal).

  1. Walk the lower deck. There is single-lane automobile and pedestrian walkways (After all, it is a bridge).
  2. Visit the exhibition which gets you access to the upper walkways, towers and engine rooms for a fee.
  3. Fly your drone.

Tower Bridge through the viewfinder

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