Scenic moments from amazing destinations

People who explore the world do it for different reasons; Each person’s underlying want, need, or desire to explore the world can be as simple as wanting to visit a destination they’ve read about or a deeply personal exploration of their heritage.

The most important thing to realize is that how I see and experience a destination is absolutely, without a doubt, different than how you will see the same thing – this is what makes each of us different and completely awesome.

Learn about the history

Many of the destinations I have visited have a storied past with a rich, vibrant history that I wanted to see myself; however, the obscure destinations, off-the-beaten-path, have stories that attract the most enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, history is not always rainbows and unicorns; death, tragedy, and suffering mar many dark tourism destinations featured on this travel blog.

Explore the beauty

Interpretation of beauty is viewed differently in-person, through the camera lens, and when published online. It’s well known that photography and cinematography do a fair job capturing the moment, but experiencing it in person puts you in the moment.

Some of the most stunning destinations look great in photos and on video but never come close to seeing them in person. 

Experience the uniqueness

Our interactions with unique cultures, destinations, and experiences leave a lasting impression that no picture, TV show, or story can tell. Each of our daily experiences shapes us into a member of humanity, evolving with each passing day.

Though the viewfinder

Some of my memorable DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN have been experienced throughout many different countries. Below is a reel of some of the historically significant, beautiful, and unique moments in my life. I plan to continue to add additional reels as I experience more DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN.

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