Adult tarsier at the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary
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Tarsier Sanctuary

Embark on a heartwarming and enlightening experience by visiting the Tarsier Sanctuary on Bohol Island, where you can witness these adorable and endangered fur balls up close while supporting their conservation efforts.

The Tarsier is the unofficial mascot of Bohol, and everywhere on the island is themed around these little balls of fur. These cute little tree huggers are a huge tourist draw to Bohol Island and a great destination on your next trip to the Philippines.

The Tarsier Sanctuary is a haven for the world’s smallest primates, the tarsiers, and offers an incredible opportunity to observe and learn about these endangered animals up close. Tarsiers are tiny furballs that look like weird rats. These tiny primates measure 15-20 centimeters (6-8 inches) from head to tail and are known for their disproportionately large, expressive eyes and unique adaptations. With their incredible agility and ability to rotate their heads almost 180 degrees, watching them leap and cling to trees is an enchanting sight that leaves visitors in awe.

The sanctuary is home to a few hundred (estimated) Tarsiers; however, you will (likely) see only a handful of these cute little things just chilling on a tree branch, watching crazy tourists take pictures of them.

Spoiler alert: After you visit, you’ll probably want one of those fur balls as a pet. Sadly, Tarsiers commit suicide while in captivity (total buzz kill).

The Tarsier Sanctuary and local guides provide valuable information about the conservation efforts to protect tarsiers and their fragile habitats. Visitors can learn about the sanctuary’s conservation initiatives and the importance of preserving tarsier populations for future generations.

Moreover, visiting the Tarsier Sanctuary allows visitors to contribute to the conservation and welfare of these unique primates. Entrance fees and donations directly support the sanctuary’s efforts in rescuing and rehabilitating tarsiers and promoting public awareness and education.

Through the viewfinder

Tarsier Sanctuary Uncensored

The Tarsier Sanctuary is located deep in the jungles of the Philippines on Bohol Island. The tropical climate means it’s going to be shitty-humid and uncomfortably hot. 

The sanctuary opens at 9:00 am local time and is a top-rated destination for tourists. Try to get there as close to 9:00 am as possible for two reasons. 

  1. Tarsiers are active at night, and they’ll be settling down for a nap. You may still be able to catch a few Tarsiers awake.
  2. Large tour buses come through the sanctuary around lunchtime. Exploring the property without hundreds of other people is quite peaceful.

Photographing tarsiers requires some skill and more than a cell phone camera. The single most important thing you need to remember is no flash photography! These little critters are nocturnal and love the night (hence the giant eyes) and are very sensitive to bright flashes of light.

Getting a decent shot of Tarsiers is challenging; the sanctuary guides keep you back 1 meter (3 feet) to protect the little furry fuckers in their natural habitat. You can use the digital zoom on your cell phone, but the autofocus will (likely) have problems due to the leaves/branches around.

Bring a good digital camera or DSLR (recommended) with a modest optical zoom lens, and you’ll snap some fantastic photos.

Everything you need to know before you visit the Tarsier Sanctuary


26 C
/ 79 F

overcast clouds



9.6912, 123.9530


February – May


June – January


1-2 Hours


Philippine Peso (PHP)



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