Kawasan Falls (Moalboal)

Kawasan falls is a spring-fed series of turquoise waterfalls and lagoons that are both beautiful and fun to swim in. Oh, and the water is COLD!

The Kawasan Falls is 2’ish hours away from Cebu City on the Southwestern side of Cebu island in Badian.  From Cebu City, the falls are reachable via motorbike, private car or tour company.

The falls are a deep turquoise color, naturally fed from the Kabukalan Spring high up in the mountains. The crystal clear water slowly winds down the mountain valleys and fills Kawasan’s lagoons with cold water – yeah, it’s freaking cold! The spring creates a series of natural waterfalls and swimming pools that are both beautiful and fun to swim in.

Visitors can ascend to the top of falls through the dense jungle and dive into the lagoon 50′ below.  Huge rocks make the ascent challenging combined with the narrow, unmarked paths. The tropical climate of the Philippines guarantees frequent rains storms which keep the trail and rocks extra slippery.

Kawasan Falls Uncensored


Getting to Kawasan Falls seems relatively easy, but GPS locations of the falls take you high into the mountains – this is not where you want to go.

Look for the signs on the side of the road starting in Badian for directions to the falls. When you arrive, it’s a 1.5km hike on a jungle trail to get to the lagoons.

The Philippines climate is always hot as hell, and you should expect rain showers while you there.

The falls are a popular destination, especially on the hottest days. This destination is famous for locals and tourists and makes a great Instagram background.

Kawasan Falls through the viewfinder

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