This place is truly the greatest city in the world!

If you know me personally, you know that New York City has always had special place in my heart. I have visited the city hundreds of times over the past decade for work and for play.  I am an expert a navigating Manhattan and seamlessly blending in as a local (without the weird accent).  This past December found me in the city fighting freezing cold temperatures and a nasty winter storm moving in.

Snowman in Times Square

In the past decade of my shenanigans in New York City, it’s snowed in mid-December only a handful of times.  Now I’m no meteorologist, but do know that the buildings, lights and cars cause Manhattan to average a few degrees warmer than surrounding areas.  During this winter storm, it was forecast for 3-4 inches of snow to fall in the city.  Excited by the idea that the warmth of the city wasn’t going to melt the snow before it hit the ground, I (Naturally) started looking for the most random things to do.

At every corner and in front of every building, maintenance folks were busy shoveling snow off the sidewalks. I (on the other hand) was busy collecting it to build not one but TWO snowmen right in the middle of Times Square.  Admittedly, they were (maybe) 6″ tall and I got a few laughs from the locals and tourists.

After 20’ish minutes, my masterpiece became the selfie hotspot of NYC with dozens of tourists snapping pics. My only claim to fame was that I managed to get my snow men featured on The Weather Channel – woohoo!

Times Square through the viewfinder

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