Delta Air Lines has been on a tear in 2022 with changes to many loyalty and ancillary programs offered to frequent flyers and high-value passengers. Unsurprisingly, the VIP Select program has undergone changes that surprised agencies and clients using this service.

On October 18, 2022, changes went into effect to simplify the program:

  • Personal escort through the airport.
  • Car service coordination.
  • Assistance with check-in and boarding documents.
  • Access to the Delta Sky Club.
  • Escort to streamline customers and immigration (if permitted by CBP).
  • Ability to pre-board or board last.
  • Assistance with real-time 24/7 flight monitoring and rebooking.

What has changed?

Service notes about VIP Select

  • You are not guaranteed a Porsche transfer between gates, you may be escorted on-foot.
  • With a confirmed booking, you are escorted into the Delta Sky Club by an elite services agent, bypassing any lines at the Sky Club.
  • There is wording in the T&C about giving 12-hours notice for cancellation. I have successfully been able to make a same-day flight change to different airports where the service was available and was able to confirm service availability.
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