Delta VIP Select program changes 10/18/2022

Delta VIP Select Porsche Transfer

Delta Air Lines has been on a tear in 2022 with changes to many loyalty and ancillary programs offered to frequent flyers and high-value passengers. Unsurprisingly, the VIP Select program has undergone changes that surprised agencies and clients using this service.

On October 18, 2022, changes went into effect to simplify the program:

  • Personal escort through the airport.
  • Car service coordination.
  • Assistance with check-in and boarding documents.
  • Access to the Delta Sky Club.
  • Escort to streamline customers and immigration (if permitted by CBP).
  • Ability to pre-board or board last.
  • Assistance with real-time 24/7 flight monitoring and rebooking.

What has changed?

How much does Delta VIP Select cost?

Effective 10/18/2022, pricing has been standardized across all airports/stations where the service is offered. The fee is now $350 for the first passenger and $100 for each additional passenger.

What are the changes to the booking process for VIP Select?

Delta has implemented a new booking/scheduling back-end application that dramatically improves the booking process. Agents can see real-time agent availability and confirm the service booking at the first point of contact. Previously, it had to be sent to the station to evaluate if an elite service representative was available; unfortunately, it resulted in many “Sorry, we can’t accommodate you” emails.

How do you book the Dele VIP Select Porsche service?

If you have an established account, you can email [email protected] with your confirmation number or call 1-855-235-9847.

What airports is the Delta VIP Select service available at?

Delta Air Lines VIP Select is available at the following US-based airports: ATL, JFK, LGA, LAX, DTW, MSP, SFO, SEA, SLC.

Service notes about VIP Select

  • You are not guaranteed a Porsche transfer between gates, you may be escorted on-foot.
  • With a confirmed booking, you are escorted into the Delta Sky Club by an elite services agent, bypassing any lines at the Sky Club.
  • There is wording in the T&C about giving 12-hours notice for cancellation. I have successfully been able to make a same-day flight change to different airports where the service was available and was able to confirm service availability.

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