Sydney Opera House

In my travels, I have been to the Australia during a handful of different trips over the years.  The Sydney Opera house is one of my favorite destinations in Sydney and I make it a point to visit it each time I am passing through.  Its architectural and surrounding areas are extremely inviting and beautiful to seasoned travels and tourists.

Sydney Opera House

My first trip landed me in Sydney over Christmas; Suffering from some pretty bag jet lag – I decided to have lunch at Dawes Point, a public park across the harbor from the opera house.

The views were spectacular, and the weather was a balmy 90F (32C) on a warm summer day; Admittedly, this was confusing considering it was late December and I just arrived from the US where it was winter.

One thing that has [always] remained a positive memory of Australia is how friendly all of the locals are.  No matter if you’re ordering food or asking for directions, they always chat you up asking where you’re from and if you’re enjoying Sydney.

The Sydney business district is adjacent to the northern edge of Circular Quay flanked by a few blocks of touristy shops filled with Sydney-branded merchandise – oh and lots of stores with UGGs in them!  Sitting at Dawes Point park, the 360 degree views of the harbor, skyline and Sydney Harbor bridge were absolutely spectacular.

Due to the short time I was in Sydney, I didn’t have a lot of time to explore.  If Sydney is on your destination and you don’t have a lot of time there, the main items everyone should experience while in New South Wales are the Sydney Opera House and the climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Admittedly, this post has been revised over the years because I have been back to Sydney, please visit my other posts which highlight other amazing areas of Sydney.


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