Lake George Glacier

The untouched beauty of the glacier fields of Anchorage, Alaska

Lake George Glacier

A short 20 minute flight from the Alpine Air heliport you can see (and land on) a glacier at the Lake George National Natural Landmark.  The glacier is some 700′ thick which is continually in motion doing glacier-like-things…

The only “gotcha” I found is that the flight seeing tour has a two person minimum.  It was just me, so I had to pay for both seats – but they made it up by giving me some extra time slipping and sliding around this amazing sheet of ice.  Additionally, the pilot was awesome and flew around the glacier and showed me other features and areas that most don’t see.

Weather plays a huge factor in being able to fly.  My first attempt was met with fog and snow and ultimately had to try again the next day. Be prepared to be at the heliport quickly – the weather really does change quickly there.  October is not known for cooperative weather, but seasons changing meant I could see fall foliage along side a chance to catch the aurora borealis (northern lights).

Visiting Alaska during the warmer months would make rational sense.  I [personally] couldn’t imagine living or traveling there with extremely short days and the bitter cold of winter.  Overall, I was very impressed with Alaska; Everywhere you look, there was natural beauty and untouched landscapes – a photographer’s dream.

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