How to get the Delta Porsche transfer

No matter how often you travel, pulling into the gate and seeing a Delta-branded Porsche waiting to whisk you away to your next flight is bad ass. The Delta Porsche transfer, or “Unicorns” as many frequent flyers call it has been see in ATL, DTW, JFK, LAX, LGA, MSP, SLC, SEA and SFO (Basically, Delta’s highest revenue airports and hubs).

Many frequent flyers and average passengers wonder how one obtains this badassery – there are only two way to get it, and surprisingly, it’s available to anyone!

Delta Porsche transfer as Surprise and delight

Delta Medallion members are eligible to be picked up by plane-side as a surprise and delight moment. It’s unannounced and no one (including reservations, the flight crew and the ground crew) knows about it until it happens. While the “surprise and delight” program is not publicly documented, it is typically reserved for Delta 360 and Diamond elite members; however, I have heard stories of Platinum elite members receiving the unicorn treatment too.

As soon as you get off the plane, a Delta elite services representative will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it. They escort you out of the door on the jetway to the tarmac below, having never set foot in the airport terminal – super elite-rockstar-like treatment.

Occasionally, they’ll pick up multiple Medallion members from one flight and shuttle them to their gates as a surprise to say thank you for flying with Delta.

I can’t stress this enough, the surprise and delight program is completely random and there is no way (that i’ve found) to influence Delta to pick you over someone else, even on super tight connections – my thinking is that the great Delta computer does this at random.

Delta VIP select

Here’s the fun part, if you have disposable income and want to be treated like an actual rockstar, Delta has a VIP select service which arranges transfers between flights at ATL, DTW, JFK, LAX, LGA, MSP, SLC, SEA and SFO. The Delta VIP select service is a paid service and can only be reserved by calling 1-855-235-9847.

2022 Updated Pricing:

ATL – One person $350 | Two people $425 | Each additional person $125

JFK, LAX, LGA, DTW, MSP, SLC, SEA, SFO – One person $250 | Two people $325 | Each additional person $125

LAX OFF-AIRPORT VEHICLE TRANSFER: One person $350 | Two people $425 | Each additional person $125

There are some interesting rules and information about the Delta VIP Select service:

  • All VIP Select reservations are recommended to book >24-hours in advance, and no less than 6-hours prior to first meet – NO EXCEPTIONS (Sorry frequent flyers, you can’t use this for tight connections unless you book 6 hours in advance).
  • The only way to book VIP Select is by calling the toll-free number, reservations cannot assist, neither can any online messaging platforms.
  • Per their terms and conditions, they do not guarantee a Porsche transfer. You could be escorted inside the terminal via Delta agent(s) on a golf cart; however, the few times I have used this has always been a Porsche transfer.
  • Reservations are first-come-first-serve and subject to availability.

Typically, Delta VIP Select is used for – wait for it – VIP’s. I’ve personally sat next to the rapper T.I. and watched his entourage get the VIP-treatment.

The difference between surprise and delight vs VIP select

Surprise and delight experience

  • Typically used for high value customers to their next flight or Sky Club (Active Sky Club Membership required).
  • You may be shuttled with other high value customers from your inbound flight.
  • Agent will usually offer to snap pictures for passengers to remember the awesome experience.

VIP Select experience

  • Dedicated service for your party only.
  • Dedicated agents handling flight following and rerouting as needed to ensure a seamless experience.
  • VIP Select agent will meet at the boarding door and accompany passengers from plane to a private Sky Club entrance. No membership or elite status required to enter the Sky Club.
  • VIP Select agent will accompany passengers from Sky Club to onward flight.

Have you had a Delta Air Lines Porsche transfer?

  1. We regularly use the VIP service at my company when we have tight connections. Especially at ATL and LAX. Its and Incredible Experience. And makes it so much easier when we are traveling with a four legged companion.

  2. I received the service in SEA as a Platinum Medallion and completely random. It was a cool experience. It’s the kind of stuff that makes you loyal to the brand.

    • Adam says:

      This literally happened to me last night in Seattle. Such a cool surprise. I had never heard of it up until now. Thank you Delta for helping me make my connection.

    • Got the Porsche transfer 2x in 2019 on consecutive Monday mornings while connecting in JFK and 1 transfer in ATL in 2022. All as a DM.

      So 3 surprises over the last 3 years.

    • Also just had this experience happen to me at random while connecting through SEA.

      I’m a Delta Platinum Medallion member and totally agree that this is the kind of stuff that makes you loyal to the brand.

  3. Russ Tanner says:

    This randomly happened to us (wife & me) June 5. Due to delays with our inbound flight, we arrived at MSP with less than 30 minutes to catch our next flight – and our departing gate was on the opposite side of the airport. I’m both Platinum Medallion and Million Miler so thought that may have helped us get chosen. Our driver even texted me several minutes after drop-off, just to let me know our checked baggage had been transferred to our flight! It was an awesome experience.

  4. Eduardo Castillo says:

    This randomly happened to me at MSP on Friday 17-June-22, when my inbound flight from RDU arrived 1hr late and at the same time as my connecting flight to Amsterdam was schedule to depart. When Mr Loc Vo (MSP Elite Services Specialist) was waiting at the airplane door with my name on the tablet, I was like “are you shitting me, this is a prank” he took my luggage and said, “let’s go plane is waiting just for you, and this brand new Porch needs its first guest”, and indeed KLm flight was waiting just for me, and the Porch was in the double digits miles 24hrs old. This was an amazing surprise because of, Delta Airline for the service and KLM for waiting! I was already starting to set my mind on waging the likelyhood to hop on standby on any of the next 2 oversold flights to AMS. I am a Diamond Medallion for the the last 5 years (and for 2023 already). And I never thought this could happen to me! It was an awesome experience. Loyalty pays off in many ways, and once again Delta has demonstrated, it does! SkyMiles Life baby!!!!

  5. Greg Howard says:

    I have had the Surprize and Delite service on several occasions at ATL, DTW, and LGA. I am a long-time Diamond medallion and a million miler. The driver usually picked me up during tight connections and drove me to the next plane. Once, while traveling on New Year’s Eve, my wife and I were driven from our plane to the Sky Club. I was so happy that she got to experience it with me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I just got my second Porsche transfer at SEA flying LAX-SEA-YVR; the last time was back in Oct.2021 when flying FAI-SEA-JFK. Got them both times as a Gold member.

    My chauffeur David said that SEA has a greater likelihood for lower-tier plebe members like myself to get Porsches.

  7. Dr. Steven Weiss says:

    What an awesome surprise today! As we disembarked our plane at LGA, a greeter escorted us out the jetway to the tarmac where a Porsche Cayenne was waiting for us. A few minutes later a baggage handler brought and loaded our luggage in the SUV. Latoya, our greeter ( super nice) then drove us to our Escalade limo at the Marriott. Totally seamless and a wonderful experience.

  8. I’ve been ignoring the people with the name board whenever I got off my flight. Guess I should have been paying attention.

  9. I received this in Atlanta when I happened to have a tight connection. I am diamond and a multi million miler. Been traveling over 35 years with Delta. It was awesome.

  10. Caitlin Danis says:

    Feeling like a Queen, thank you, Delta!
    Tough travel day. Mechanical issues, gate change, back to the original flight. Boarded. De-boarded. Rebooked. Middle seat. I arrived and SEA and got the Elite Unicorn service. Shock and delight is an understatement. Delta, you earned my loyalty and awe. The little things that make a difference. I love love loved it; thank you!

  11. Sean Wainwright says:

    I just had a surprise experience at MSP on a tight connection. Before today I didn’t know this service existed. As people have said above, 100% a reason to remain loyal to the brand. Aces.

  12. Troy Oyler says:

    Happened in SEA with myself, wife and two kids on our way back from Hawaii…… My daughter saw the Delta agent thru the window with the sign with our name on it as the were pulling the gate up to the front door and she thought it was the police looking for us!! LOL ……….. Great experience, kids think they deserve that all the time now, ugh 😉

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