How to get the Delta Porsche transfer

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No matter how often you travel, pulling into the gate and seeing a Delta-branded Porsche waiting to whisk you away to your next flight is bad ass. The Delta Porsche transfer, or “Unicorns” as many frequent flyers call it has been see in ATL, DTW, JFK, LAX, LGA, SEA and SFO (Basically, Delta’s highest revenue airports and hubs).

Many frequent flyers and average passengers wonder how one obtains this badassery – there are only two way to get it, and surprisingly, it’s available to anyone!

Delta Porsche transfer as Surprise and delight

Delta Medallion members are eligible to be picked up by plane-side as a surprise and delight moment. It’s unannounced and no one (including reservations, the flight crew and the ground crew) knows about it until it happens. While the “surprise and delight” program is not publicly documented, it is typically reserved for Delta 360 and Diamond elite members; however, I have heard stories of Platinum elite members receiving the unicorn treatment too.

As soon as you get off the plane, a Delta elite services representative will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it. They escort you out of the door on the jetway to the tarmac below, having never set foot in the airport terminal – super elite-rockstar-like treatment.

Occasionally, they’ll pick up multiple Medallion members from one flight and shuttle them to their gates as a surprise to say thank you for flying with Delta.

I can’t stress this enough, the surprise and delight program is completely random and there is no way (that i’ve found) to influence Delta to pick you over someone else, even on super tight connections – my thinking is that the great Delta computer does this at random.

Delta VIP select

Here’s the fun part, if you have a few hundred dollars and want to be treated like an actual rockstar, Delta has a VIP select service which arranges transfers between flights at ATL, DTW, JFK, LAX, LGA, SEA and SFO. The Delta VIP select service is a paid service and can only be reserved by calling 1-855-235-9847.

The last time I called, the rates were $125 for a single person or $200 for two people. This was quite a while back, so it’s likely that the pricing may have changed.

There are some interesting rules and information about the Delta VIP Select service:

  • All VIP Select reservations must be booked 6-hours in advance – NO EXCEPTIONS (Sorry frequent flyers, you can’t use this for tight connections either).
  • The only way to book VIP Select is by calling the toll-free number, reservations cannot assist, neither can any online messaging platforms.
  • They do not guarantee a Porsche ride, you could be escorted inside the terminal via Delta agent(s) on a golf cart.
  • Reservations are first-come-first-serve and subject to availability.

Typically, Delta VIP Select is used for – wait for it – VIP’s. I’ve personally sat next to the rapper T.I. and watched his entourage get the VIP-treatment.

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